Our Firm


MAM is an independent, stand-alone Registered Investment Advisor firm, based in Dallas, Texas. MAM offers advising, planning and consulting, investing, life and health insurance and other services to individual and institutional clients. As an independent firm, MAM is not captive to any investment or insurance company. MAM is able to provide services and investments to clients through relationships with many of the largest financial services and insurance companies.  



MAM provides life, health, disability, and long term care insurance polices; for individuals; Insurance Trusts; and Company-Owned Life Insurance. Through provider resources, MAM has extensive pre-underwriting and case experts available for our clients.



MAM provides securities portfolio management services. MAM provides securities investment portfolio management. 

Emphasis on Transparency, Third Party Independent Custodians, and Liquidity

MAM managed accounts are fully transparent to the client, under secure login.

We have a simple business model. We manage your brokerage accounts under a written Agreement.

1.  It is your money, held in your name and tax ID, in an account owned only by you, at a secure, independent, third-party custodian. You may always see the holdings and activity in your account. You receive trade confirmations and account statements directly from the custodian.

2.   We can only act under your written authorization, and we are limited to two primary activities. You sign an Agreement with MAM which allows us to buy and sell securities in the account, and to subtract our monthly fee.

3.  You retain full control. At any time, if you do not want to continue the arrangement with MAM, you instruct the custodian to remove us from your account.

Accounts are visible to the client 24 hours a day, every day, subject to electronic network availability. Client assets are always held at independent third party custodians not under control by or affiliated with MAM. Client assets managed by MAM are primarily invested in publicly-traded securities which can generally be sold when markets are open. Generally, the client may withdraw from the investment and go to cash at any time, without being locked in or waiting for a redemption date. Investments recommended by MAM may result in losses for the client.


Services not generally offered by MAM. MAM does not generally offer services or investments regarding underwritings and financings, non-liquid investments such as hedge funds, private placements and real estate. From time to time, as part of an investment or consulting plan, MAM may advise persons regarding these services or investments.

MAM is not an accounting or tax specialist firm, or a law firm. MAM is not a real estate brokerage firm. MAM does not offer property or casualty insurance programs.